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Thread: Tutoring is done for this year

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    Tutoring is done for this year

    I've been tutoring a 7th-grader for a year and a half now, and we wrapped up the school year. He's a kid with a single mom and he comes here for a couple of hours a week for mostly science and math help, but we end up talking about everything from the Mars lander to his first-ever experience at a school dance to how to deal with frustrations in life. I just called the school guidance department and asked if they had someone that I could help as a volunteer and they hooked us up. It's been good - as always, I learn more from the teaching experience than the kids do. He was flunking everything and in trouble with his teachers when we started and it looks like all A's and B's this year except for a C or D in math and science (so much for my tutoring, hey? ). He's made progress and it's fun watching a young mind mature. I'm not tooting my own horn here or fishing for compliments, just sharing a good experience. Teaching is like gardening - if you start with fertile soil, all it takes is to plant the seeds and pull a few weeds now and then and let nature take its course.

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    Hey ghoti. As a single mom with a 7th grader and a 4th grader (who didn't pass this year, but we're working on it this summer), I can tell you that this boy's mom has got to really appreciate your help and influence on her child. So what if the grades in those subjects were exemplary? I'll bet the wisdom you imparted to that boy will have a more lasting impact on his life than basic algebra and cellular structure.

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