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Thread: Are you sensitive?

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    Are you sensitive?

    Are you more sensitive to sounds, loud or abrupt noises now more than before your injury? Automobiles with loud base music can go right through my body causing signification discomfort.

    An unexpected door slam or any noise not expected can have an extraordinary impact on me. I live in a wide open house with tile floors and no furniture I hear every click, creek or rattle throughout the entire house. Just now the thermostat clicked on and it sent a shock through my body, though when the unit actually came on it did not bother me.

    My hearing is not "bionic" but I am very sensitive to sounds, does anybody else have this reaction or sensation to noises?

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    Most definately! I know exactly what your talking about.

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    I also experience the feelings you described. I cant controll my body if someone slams a door or miss something heavy on the floor. I quite simply jump. At the beginning i thought it should by some psychic reaction to the accident i had, but now i tend to think it´s an sci-related reaction.

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    yes to all the above.

    Automobiles with loud base music can go right through my body causing signification discomfort
    i live next door to a 16y/o teenage boy, who got his first car complete w/ not just a stereo, but a stereo w/ an amplifier
    you know when you're sitting at a red light and a car pulls up next to you and you can feel the music?
    boom boom boom
    that's him.

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    Yup, me too. Hate it. 'cause any sudden loud noise either makes me jump, or I feel shocks going down my legs.

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    Yup, the dog barking, sharp noises, etc. send shocks/tingling down my legs/feet. Ahh the marvels of a screwed up nervous system.

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    Interesting that others also experience this, same for me.

    I also find I'm more easily startled when someone quietely interrupts me like while reading a book, concentrating on something.

    I wonder if all this is sci-related?

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    I am very sensitive to noise too. Since I don't remember before SCI, I never related it to the SCI.

    But I asked another friend today in the phone, she is a th12, complete, 27 years post and she said the same.

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69. I am still a walker but I do not know for how long time.

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    I was bothered by loud noises for many years after my accident - and still am, to some degree. But I've always associated certain loud noises with my accident (the sound of the car hitting concrete). Loud noises used to really freak me out.

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    I swear I am going to jump out of my seat one of these days!

    Brian C/5

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