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Thread: driving quad questions...

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    driving quad questions...

    Question for quads who drive from their manual chair in an easy-lock... how do you maintain trunk balance?... I'm assuming i'll need a chest strap. Any ideas? Do you take it on and off your chair, or does it always stay on?...I have a jay2 contoured high-back on my chair which offers a little bit of side support, but not near enough for driving.

    Also any suggestions on the best hand controls for c6's w/ no hands and very little triceps but good wrist extention?

    do any quads transfer to a 6-way seat or has anyone considered it?

    thanks, in advance, for any feedback.

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    I have a power chair with an easy-lock. I used to have a chest strap I took on and off but for the last eight years I drive into a sling system that combines the regular front left hand portion of the seat belt, but instead of latching into the floor, I latch it into the seat belt directly behind me that used to go to the seat I removed. This not only provides trunk stability forward, but keeps me from falling off to the right.

    I control left lateral movement simply by using my elbow on the window ledge. I have a full size van and it works for me. I haven't tried it on a mini-van, but don't anticipate any problems. It works for me and I have 120K on this van.

    If this sounds like something you might want to try. I could send a picture.


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    u couldnt pay me to drive from my chair, or drive a van. im inc c4-5, little grip no triceps, ive always drove cars, transfer is easy as well as chair breakdown, id consider a car or at least transfer to the drivers seat of a mini van

    as for hand controls i just use standard mpd real simple and cheap 250 installed

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    I drive from a six way.If you can transfer yourself i would say it's the way to go.Im a 5/6 and im in and rollin in just a few minutes.Like fuentejps said theres noway i would drive from my chair if i didnt have to.For hand controls i use Sure grip there awsome,best ive ever

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    Im just wondering. Shaun and fuentejps what are the disadvantages of driving from your chair?

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    I drive from my chair and use a chest strap. Called a grand-mar belt I believe. It is attached to the push handles of the chair.

    I only use it when driving. When not, it simply falls down the sides of the chair between my body and the armrests. So you needn't worry about wheeling around with a chest strap on looking like a goof. I know that was my concern too.

    Although some may say I still look like a goof...

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    - often the chairs aren't as stable as a normal seat.

    - they don't often provide as much back & head support as a normal seat.

    - wheels & all, they're often wider than a normal seat, offsetting the driver from the wheel.

    that being said, it's a lot faster to just clip a WC in & go. I've driven from my chair since I started driving again (late '99) without problem, but don't particularly care for it... although it was nice being in school & everything. Some days I'd easily make a dozen or more short trips.

    either way, I'm transferring for driving in my next vehicle. I'm C6 inc., w/ triceps. Never found a need for more support than a normal seatbelt. I have one of those grand-mar belts still collecting dust in its original state somewhere around here.

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    shaun, you are c5/6 complete? I think you are most similar to me, so can you give me more feedback on pro's cons of transfering to seat?

    Also, you use manual or power?

    Scot, why did you decide to transfer after driving from chair. Convenience was a factor, since you were getting in/out car frequently, so is this less factor now, and if so, why?

    Thx All!
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    whats a 6 way seat?

    do any of you have spasms?
    my spasms have prevented me from driving?
    shaun do you have triceps as a c5/6?

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    Originally posted by melikeconan:

    Im just wondering. Shaun and fuentejps what are the disadvantages of driving from your chair?
    i run a colours eclipse chair and i run it very tippy(lite frt end)w/ a low back. id be on my back. besides feels great getting out of the chair to drive. driving from a chair cant be safe. dont just do it because you think its "easier"

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