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Thread: When a cure is found

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    When a cure is found

    Whats the first thing you are going to do? When a cure is found, and you can walk.

    I am going to finish my jeep, and do this, only better and without the beers

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    Get laid, sorry can't post a pic of that

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    i can't post what i'm gonna do...tried to before and got in trouble w/ the mods.

    "I vote . . . unrestrained idiocy . . ." -larwatson

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    go for a long walk

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    Play with my daughter, then shower standing up.

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    Thank God for answering my prayers.

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    Bathe by myself. Wash my own hair. Drop into a split. Stretch. Walk in the woods. Walk to school. Hug both of my moms and my dad. Wrestle with my younger brother, play my older brother in whatever fighting game is out then. Write a letter by hand. Read a book without a pageturner. Shoot hoops.

    Oh, sorry... didn't notice that you said "first".

    ...oh I must be fine because my heart's still beating

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    F!@# just about any woman that will let me.
    My wife would be so tired of me that she would want me to do others.
    Heck..I would want me to do others.
    I could have "Now Serving" numbers.
    yeah that would happen....

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    Go skydiving with the rest of my 4-way team. My gear's in the closet waiting for me.

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    Jump for joy that this question won't be asked ever AGAIN.

    How many ways can the same question be asked per month... let us us count the ways...

    When a Cure is found... Redundancy will hopefully end.

    "do not be too moral. you may cheat yourself out of much life. aim above morality. be simply not good; be good for something."

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