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Thread: Fatigue and Depression

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    "Should I consider anti-depressants"

    You should ascertain whether you are clinically depressed if only to be able to rule it out as a cause of your tiredness. Anti depressants may help if you have depression but won't give you energy if depression isn't the cause. I don't know anything about TM but I hope things get better for you.


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    Hi Lynnifer. I am wondering if your condition could be SCI&AGING. Your post injury is near the time-frame for this to occur. I was a walking quad and developed this diagnosed condition at 50 yrs old (30 yrs post injury). You may want to ask (Woman from Europe) she is having same problem. I am unable to walk any useful distance now, but I will also be 50 years post injury c5c7 next year. So much for a short life span. We walking Quads seem to burn out due to our over excertion. The rewards are well worth the efforts, but there is a price to pay. Olly

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    Hey Olly - hot enough summer for you up in Coburg? hehe

    The anti-depressants DID help me - total turnaround. I find I do have to rest more to keep up with working full time, etc. You're right about the SCI and aging ... although I know if I didn't work full time I'd probably be better off with health/energy/etc. Still, the risks are worth working. 52 and I can retire with full pension/benefits ... lol OMG I'm only 32 now ... lol ...
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