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Thread: SCI T12

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    has anyone really improved with walking completely since their injury?

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    Walking after T12 Burst

    Hi T,

    Yes, there is hope!! my husband had a T12 burst fracture 8 months ago. He fell 30 ft. from a tree, flown to Shock Trauma at the Univ. of MD Med. Center. Within 5 hours of the fall, he was in surgery to replace the vertebrae with a mesh cage and bone from his ribs. He was in the hospital 5 days, and then spent 6 weeks at inpatient rehab. In the beginning he had nothing - no feeling and no movement, and was in a wheelchair when he went to rehab, but as soon as he got to rehab, he began to have a lot of return, and it was all very fast. Every day there would be a change of some kind. He took his first 14 steps (they were very shaky) with a walker on his 3rd day at rehab. He went from wheelchair to walker, to 3 prong canes, to cane, and now, 8 months post, he is walking with his AFO braces (you can't even see these if he is wearing pants or jeans), and only using a cane when he goes outside because the ground is uneven. His balance is still improving, and he has a slight limp that gets much worse when his legs get tired. When he came home from rehab, he came home with a walker and not even a rental wheelchair because he didn't need it. The return has slowed down drastically, but it is still happening. Now it is much more subtle and not as frequent, but changes are still happening. He has regained so much function in a very short time. The sensation is lagging behind a bit - he still has numbness on his feet & the back of his legs all the way up to his waist, but we are only half-way through the time when major recovery has the most likelihood of happening. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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    Missy, glad to hear that your husband is having so much improvement. He is very lucky. Hope it continues!

    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003

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    Hi Mike,

    I hope you & your wife had a nice Christmas & Happy New Year, and I hope you are feeling well. Thank you!! We are so fortunate, and thank God every day. If I have learned anything in the last 8 months, it is that SCI is unpredictable. I have seen stories of so many with seemingly terrible injuries get up and walk, and then people with what would seem a milder injury have a lot more problems. It doesn't really make sense to me, but I can understand now why the doctors are so hesitant to tell you anything at all in the beginning. I don't think they know.

    Earl still has plenty of issues with B&B, balance, numbness, etc, and now he is having problems with walking on the outside edge of his feet, but to have such an injury, and come out of it with these problems, we feel very fortunate.

    Have a good weekend!! :-)

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