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Thread: the ugliest vehicle on the road today... now accessible.

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    the ugliest vehicle on the road today... now accessible.

    Ugly... just my opinion of course. No offense meant. I just stumbled on wheelchairjunkie (I rarely visit there) & found this: (click for details).

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    Who retrofitted the Honda with the ramp, flooring and wider opening front door? I agree this is not a pretty vehicle. However, the Pontiac Aztec is not only butt ugly, it's not accessible.

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    Actually, I think the Element is cool. Different, unique but not ugly. The Aztec? - Now that is one u-g-l-y ride.

    Just one man's opinion.

    Great photos btw Scott. Pretty steep lookin' ramp there. And what about someone ridin' shotgun?

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    I'll give you that Chris; it just looks like it could be branded by tupperware.

    The photos are off -- I haven't seen this thing in person. But good point about the passenger seat... especially if the ramp is on the passenger side. Huh... wonder what they're thinking.

    Waza... Freedom motors did the mods. Check out the link on the first post.

    Agreed about the Aztec / Axiom being ugly too... haha.

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    actually i like the looks of the element, the door opening is large because the element have what are called suicide doors, the rear doors opens opposite a regular door. its gives a larger entry space.
    in a off the shelf vehicle all the rear seats come out or fold in multiple ways. including along the rear wheels, i don't think the passenger seat comes easily out in a unmodified element though.

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    I heard bad things about the company who did the modification. Something about reliability and never doing any crash tests.

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    Obviously not for everyone. It would appear that you could not have a seat for an AB passenger and have room to get your wheelchair in place, and I don't see how this could be used for an AB driver with the passenger in a wheelchair (again, not enough room to turn). This might not be a problem for some, but it is for those with a family or who want to take more than 1-2 passengers, or who cannot drive themselves.


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    I'd like to see C-spine run over every Honda Element with his bus, and start with that one!

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    I saw it at the NJ expo, it's actually better looking modified, in my opinion. I talked to one of the reps and if you're the driver the modification can be made on the driver's side but it also means you'd have to always be driving unless you transfer into the passanger's seat and replace the driver's seat. I'm not sure if it's easy or not. Keep in mind that just because a demo is shown one way doesn't necessarily mean that's the only way it can be modified. That's the case here. It's definitely a tight fit, especially for powerchairs but doable for some. Not every car is right for every person but every new option is a victory for us.

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    Wondering if it is 4 wheel drive? In this girls opinion it isn't all that bad, some nice tires and rims would add to it. I know it is probably not possible but wouldn't it be cool if somehow the right back seats could be retracted/folded up and out of the way for the chair and there was a way to slide either forward or back and securely lock a front passenger seat either where it usually is or out of the way in the area of the retracted back seat??? Hmmm.

    My son has been thinking about how he could get some doors that lift up (like that car I can't think of it's name right now...) to put on his Eclipse GST. Which would be way cool but I am sure not something one can get paid for through any program in the sense of vehicle modifications for accessibility as he is trying to see could happen! But you can't blame a kid for trying! LOL.

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