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Thread: another has joined our SCI group

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    another has joined our SCI group

    I feel so terrible today. my microbiology teacher whom i had the last semester before my wreck had a farming accident last week and broke his back at T12. I just found out last night, and i just called him today. he is at jim thorpe rehab in OKC now. I am going to go see him tomorrow. It sucks when it happens to people you know doesnt it? the good thing is that i can help him in so many ways. Im glad i can be there for him in his journey.

    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Good luck in helping your friend Josh.

    I'm sorry that he's become a member of this club.

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    Glad you can "be there" for your friend/teacher. You take care and tell him i said to keep his chin UP!

    Sorry it took me this long to come read this...


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    Josh, there are quite a few of us at the T12 level. I know everyone is different but I'm sure we'd all be happy to share with him.

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