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Thread: exciting job offer! but -

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    exciting job offer! but -

    I graduate next Friday and am going to apply for a position working on the Deintitutionalisation of the Disabled in the former Yugoslavia. The position is based out of Budapest, Hungary at Central European University. The official language is English and most Hungarians (well, many) speak German.
    I'd be working in Hungary, Romania & Poland for 3 months, homebase in Budapest. Any thoughts on Hungary? If the job hasn't closed I don't see why I wouldn't get it, and even though the Euro equivalent isn't very much & only temporary work, it'll be an experience (either good or bad) and a change.
    Anyone know how Budapest is on accessibility? When I was in Romania over the summer, it was an absolute nightmare, but I'm open to new challenges :-) It sounds good, but the accessibility (or, lack thereof) scares me.

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    Congrats Andrea on graduation. Sounds like a great opportunity to see a little bit of the world. I wonder how the political tensions are in Hungary and I bet the a accessibility isn't great, but it would be hard to beat the experience. Better go while you can, before some guy ties you down.

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    If it's still open, I'm thinking about it. It seems exciting plus, I've been studying the Romanian language for over 6 months and would like to practice. I have family in Romania as well, but it's awful there. I was going to apply for citizenship there (my father is Romanian born, thus, I am eligible) but will wait till they join the EU.
    My "man" is in France, so I can't really be "tied down". Besides, I worked too hard to sarifice everything just yet. I'm still young.

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    Very cool Andria.

    The man that knows something, knows that the knows nothing at all -Erykah Badu

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    We don't know eachother, but I would encourage you to go. You have so much to teach them about the subject. And what an experience! Go for it!

    Congratulations and good luck.


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    Right now it's a tough part of the world. Romania is having to make some govermental policy changes. And you know of the curent sit. in former Yugoslov.


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    Go for it! Either way, it will be an experience and you will learn something.


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    Go for it Andrea! Dont let this oppurtunity become one of those ''Gee ya know i sure wish i had'' that you'll end up kickin your own ass over later..

    ''Shoot the protester ya cant stop the protest.Murder the rebel ya cant stop the rebellion''..

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    Yes, go for it. The experience alone is worth it.

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    Andrea, it's good to have you back.

    I'm afraid Hungary won't be much of an improvement re: accessibility over Romania or any other country in southern or eastern Europe. When we traveled in Russia (Moscow and Novgorod) 7 years ago, Scott (c7 quad) needed a full-time aid (my brother) to help get him around. As you're probably aware, for decades the disabled were for all practical purposes warehoused in asylums, hidden from the eyes of the world. Thus there was no need to make any adaptations for them.

    Hopefull that is changing. Good luck.

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