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Thread: LASIK?

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    Both my sister and I got glasses when we were 5 years old. We both had terrible vision and about 5 years ago we both had the surgery. Now we both have perfect vision. I love it!

    My only complaint I have is that sometimes I have a nightmare that my vision has gone back to the way it was!

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    After I had it done, it took a while to get used to not having glass blocking my eyes. I still kept "reaching under" my glasses to scratch and things.

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    The doctor went too deep in some spots on one eye. She's had three more done on that eye by another doctor to improve things, but he can't fix it completely - she'll always have vision trouble in that eye.


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    Don't even consider this procedure until you've done EXTENSIVE due diligence. The stakes are huge. While many have had phenomenal results, there are also many who've had nightmarish permanently disabling results. There are message boards devoted to the horrors that some people have experienced, and not necessarily by unskilled physicians.

    A few years ago, one of the ABC magazine shows profiled the horror stories surrounding this procedure. You must be thoroughly convinced that you're a good candidate for this procedure -- not everyone is. Beware, some doctors may not be smart enough or scrupulous enough to rule out your condition.

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    Here's a Web site for you to check out:

    Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery Info

    My wife was hoping she was a Lasik canditate. She found out -- in time! -- that she isn't.

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    The doc that did my eyes had a screening process to tell if you were a candidate. He said I was a perfect candidate, and I guess so by the results. The only requirement I can remember was that your eyesight must not have changed in under 2 years. He was also my regular eye doc, so he could look at my past visits to see that nothing had changed. There were some other things, but I don't remember them all.

    Other than doing the pre exam and pre-operation procedures, it's a machine that does all the work. During the screening exam, there was some kind of machine you had to look into that measured the corrections needed, and all the doctor does is punch in that information into the LASIK machine. I guess the doctor could screw up and hit a wrong key or something. The most important thing was to remain still while the laser was doing it's thing. If you have bad spasms, that may be a problem.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    I would also like to echo the benefits of LASIK. I had it done about 3yrs ago.

    The entire procedure (actual surgery) was about 20 mins. That included 10 mins pre-op with drops. 2 mins to get situated on the table. 4 mins of actual patient, nurse, surgeon time. 4 mins post-op.

    Results: 20/15 (40 yr old eyes)

    Cost: $3,000 total (best surgeon in Denver) paid largely through flex-spending.

    Good luck to anyone considering it. I highly recommend it.

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    Hey Andrea,
    The most important thing to remember is to "know and trust your surgeon" just like with any procedure. I had it done two and a half years ago and it's "GREAT". I live in MI and went to LANSING OPTHAMOLOGY CENTER to a great specialist. Since I am over 40 I use magnifiers to read but other than that I have perfect vision. If you are otherwise healthy go for it you will love it. Don't go to a clinic where they run them through like these fast tract denture clinics. Your initial eye exam should take about three hours to be thorough. A good surgeon will be honest and tell you if you are truely a candidate. If you would be more comfortable do one eye at a time, Good luck I too wore contacts for over 25 years. NO MORE


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    I also just had Lasik done by Dr. Nandurimin La Jolla CA.

    She is amazing. Please be careful with any of the Dr's you meet,especially those who make promises..etc....cheaper is not always better.

    I funded mine through CareCredit.

    20/20 in both eyes after 1 day...I'm a 41 year old C-5/6 incomplete.

    Good luck

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    Please forgive the typo in my previous reply.

    Dr. Nanduri


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