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Thread: LASIK?

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    I'm tired of fooling with contacts. I wear Acuvue2 for 2 weeks (sometimes longer) then throw them away and change them. I put drops in when they feel dry and scratchy, but really want LASIK. Has anyone had this? What have been your expieriences? I don't wanta DR to tell me I'm a good candidate just to have the procedure and still need correction.
    Any thoughts?

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    My sister-in-law and a friend have both had it and love it. I had the radial keratonomy about 12 years ago and I have had great results with that. It is a procedure that was done before they came up with the lasik but I am still glad I didn't wait. My s-in-law went to Canada 'cause it was cheaper.

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    hey Andrea, I have a few good friends from college who had it done. I've never heard anything negative about it

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    My sister had it. One eye turned out good, the other was messed up.


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    My boyfriend's father had it, after 6 months his vision returned to the way it was before.

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    Hey Andrea,

    If you are back in Fla, I can put you in touch with my cousin John. He is an optometrist with a group of Dr's who specialize in LASIK.

    How you been?


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    My wife had it done 3 mo's ago...she was 20/50 and 20/ she is 20/25 and 20/ contacts...not even reading glasses.

    Go for a real professional outfit...not one of the $400 per eye makes all the difference.


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    My older sister got it done. Perfect vision regrets.

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    I had it done, but forgot when, it was either 99 or 2000. I had 20/200 before, and came out with 20/15 in the left eye and 20/20 in the right. But since my accident I haven't been seeing as good. I don't know if my head got messed up, or if it's the drugs or what. I just noticed it when I started getting in a chair and out of the bed. I've been meaning to go to the eye doc.

    My sister had it done a couple of years before me. Her eyes were worse than mine. She had 20/20 afterwards, but now her eyes have started going again and she wears glasses. They aren't the huge coke bottle glasses she had before though.

    There is an alternative, but I don't think it can be done if your eyes are worse than 20/50. It's an implant which it can be removed or adjusted if needed.

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    Alan - what do you mean "messed up"?
    I've been wearing the Acuvue2 lenses since before the holidays and am satisfied for the most part, but my eyes get worse and worse. (The L eye is -2.15 and the R eye is -2.25) My brother is DOUBLE that + legally blind w/o his contacts in.
    JLB - Yes, I'll be in S.FL for awhile till I decide on that job offer. E-mail me w/any info. Have you been back down? I was at the Miami Project last week.

    Thanks for the replies.

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