My son, Guthrie was injured on a three wheeler 2 years ago at C-2,C-3 level, swelling from C-2-C-7. He wore the Halo for 3 months, never had surgery. Guthrie is to this date a quad, but moving his thumb, index finger and toes on both feet, he can sit up on his own for about 5 minutes the max. He is getting stronger everyday. He is so determined to jump back on his motocycle. His friends love him and all the kids at school. He has a 25,000.00 candle apple red wheel chair, but refuses to use it. We and his friends still push him where he needs to go. He is uninterested in becoming more independent. He says he and God have a plan and it is not for him to be in a wheelchair. He gets mad at me if I cant fix his hair just right. He is 11 now and is very active, but not independent. I know in time Guthrie will walk again. Guthrie knows in time he will walk again. Maybe this is a test?? There is a pray I would like to share to everyone out there who has gone through a traumatic injury or situation with a loved one, especially your child.

"God, if it is in your best interest to remove this suffering, please do so. But if it fulfills your purpose, that's what I want too."