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Thread: 11 year old son injured C-2,C-3 incomplete

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    11 year old son injured C-2,C-3 incomplete

    My son, Guthrie was injured on a three wheeler 2 years ago at C-2,C-3 level, swelling from C-2-C-7. He wore the Halo for 3 months, never had surgery. Guthrie is to this date a quad, but moving his thumb, index finger and toes on both feet, he can sit up on his own for about 5 minutes the max. He is getting stronger everyday. He is so determined to jump back on his motocycle. His friends love him and all the kids at school. He has a 25,000.00 candle apple red wheel chair, but refuses to use it. We and his friends still push him where he needs to go. He is uninterested in becoming more independent. He says he and God have a plan and it is not for him to be in a wheelchair. He gets mad at me if I cant fix his hair just right. He is 11 now and is very active, but not independent. I know in time Guthrie will walk again. Guthrie knows in time he will walk again. Maybe this is a test?? There is a pray I would like to share to everyone out there who has gone through a traumatic injury or situation with a loved one, especially your child.

    "God, if it is in your best interest to remove this suffering, please do so. But if it fulfills your purpose, that's what I want too."


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    alot of us were injured on ATV's and cycles keep on praying

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    Originally posted by mom#1:

    He is uninterested in becoming more independent. He is 11 now and is very active, but not independent.
    Hi Mom,

    When you said Guthrie is "uninterested in becoming more independent but he is very active". Could you please elaborate how active he is? Does he continue to do any rehab exercises?

    My son, Richard, is a T12 para. I can totally thoroughly comprehend what you and him have gone through in the last two years!!!

    I think you should request the moderator to move your post to the Life Forum. There are much more viewers on the Life Forum than here.


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    Hi Mom,

    My 11 year old daughter was is a T-12 para, almost 4 years post. She will be 12 May 19th. Heather is also very independent when she wants to be. She has times when she wants to do it all herself but there are also many times when she wants us to do way to many things for her. I go through the hair thing with her but it seems to be the opposite, I want it to look nice and she really doesn't care if it is snarly or how it looks. She has really struggled this past year with a lot of things.

    I absolutely love the prayer. Thanks

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    My son Jason became quadriplegic after colliding with another soccer player at the age of 7.
    He didn't use an electric wheelchair for four years because we hoped he would recover more, and have more of an incentive to work on it, if he didn't start using the electric wheelchair. Now he is 14 years old, has been using the electric wheelchair for 3 years, and loves the sense of independence it gives him.

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    i have moved this from members for more responses.
    thank you ,

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    I've been an incomplete C2/C3 since age three and I volunter as a counselor at a camp with handicap kids, some quads. My suggestion would be to practice tough love, pushing him to do everything he can on his own. Depending on the controls for his chair, he could be working his hands/arms more to control it.

    I have had kids at camp who have not been pushed to be independent and they continue to be more needy and do less and less for themselves. It will be very difficult, but you will see improvements in his independence and abilities.

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    There are 3 simple little words you can use for the stuff that he can do but won't. "Do it yourself" If he can do stuff himself he should be doing it. Refuse to do the things he can do for himself.

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    If he was an able bodied child and refused to do things that you told him to do, would you allow it? When he wants something he will do it for himself as long as you don't do it for him. He will feel better and be healthier for it, the more he does, the more he will be able to do. Is just sounds like your spoiling him.

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    Hey mom~

    I was 17 when I was injured (I'm 24 now) so I was a bit older than your son but I was a lot like him when I was first injured. All the therapists I had told my mom and told her to tell my friends to push me to do things for myself. I hated them in the moment but it made me as independent as possible. Tough love!

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