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    Hi, I have been T3-T4 incomplete for 3 years. Now I have an ablebodied friend. I would like to wear some pretty clothes because my friend loves it. I thought I would try my old shoes, which I wore before the injury. They have high heels, but when I talked with my friend, she said me it's not good. I tried to put them on, but I can't positionate my legs on the chair to feel comfortably. Do you have any tips? Thanks.

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    Time to go shopping! I really like the Mary Jane-type flat shoes - they work the best for me.

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    You need to accomodate for any swelling you may have, and it is difficult to keep heels on foot pedals. Try something with an ankle strap in an extra-wide size, usually 1 size larger than pre-injury, and go for a more clunky heel instead of spikes. There are some good places to look on-line.Here are some companies I am familiar with:


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