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Thread: Van lift advice requested

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    Van lift advice requested

    Last week we got a new-to-us van. It's a 1999 dodge full size, high top conversion van. Now we have to make it accessible for my husband. He's a high level quad and uses a power chair.

    What's the best lift brand or system to use? He thinks the ramps would be too steep (especially if it were rainy). So what should we look for in a heavy duty lift? He's a light weight, so the combined weight of him and the chair is less than 350.

    Anything to avoid? Anything that you weren't successful or completely satisfied with?

    Also insurance- just out of curiousity is this something that your insurance company covered? his has said that they would pay 85% but after he hung up the phone he wasn't sure if they were talking abou tthe same thing he was and wasn't sure if they understood what he was asking about.

    Thanks for your input.

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    your husband is correct, a ramp would be too steep on a full-size van. the most popular lifts are made by braun and ricon. i love my braun swing-away, it allows loading parallel to the van so i can load/unload in regular parking place. it also has less parts that rattle when driving. good luck

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    I would get the swing away as well. We have a Braun Tri-Fold lift and are very unhappy with it.

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    YA a ramp would be an adventure on a full size.Ive got a Ricon and its been great.But if i had second choice or when im finnished with this one i'd definately go with a swing away like Rusty described..

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    Braun lifts are the most rugged and reliable. Ricon's are cheaper and work well, but I will use a Braun, 3 Brauns, 1 Ricon in 22 yrs.

    I know of no standard medical insurance which will modify your van becuase it is not medically neccessary to live, only needed to drive.

    Vocational Rehab. and Veterans Affairs will.

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    Worker's comp and the VA are the only reliable funders that will pay for van modifications. They can be very expensive, esp. when you retrofit an existing van vs. purchase one already modified. Just wondering why you decided to go this route?


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    The mobility company we are trying to go through has recommended the Braun Vangater. It's the one that folds over so we can still use one of the two side doors to the van without lowering the lift if we want. It's supposed to be top of the line. We're still waiting on insurance. Since nothing's been ordered yet, I'll look into the swing away lifts too. Thanks.

    We went this route because we got a really good deal on the van that we couldn't pass up. It was at least $20,000 less than a minivan with modifications. And the old van we have is also a high top conversion van- just old and worn out with lots of miles. So it's what we are used to driving. We like the extra room for trips and vacations.

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