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Thread: They say we all have a double out there...

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    They say we all have a double out there...

    So I was walking across the parking lot at the mall and there he was WALKING toward me, a dude, an exact ringer for Jeff Weeks, and I stop with my mouth dropped open, staring at the guy, and he looks at me and I just burst into tears. He stares at me, and continues on like I am the biggest mental case. I looked back thinking...girl, you are the biggest mental case.....Jeff, it was good.


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    That is very interesting...although I think if not for the crying, he might not have thought you were a nutcase.

    I haven't met my double, but I've had some weird experiences. There must be someone out there who looks just like me, who lives a couple of towns over, where we have to go to do almost all of our shopping. I've gotten some of the most evil looks over if looks could kill, I'd so be dead. But I don't know ANY of these people who look at me like this, and it's been going on for years, both pre and post SCI. I don't get it. Heh.

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    When I was in intensive care after my accident one of the interns looked just like me, except for being slightly taller and thinner (my friend said he looked like me stretched). When I saw him I said "You look like me." and he said "Hey, I do!"

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