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Thread: If you have half an hour to spare, here is an interesting interview with Ben Carson

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    Originally posted by Curt Leatherbee:

    It was all so simple, God just placed Adam and Eve here on earth and thats how it all got started. This explains why monkeys are still monkeys and apes are still apes. The main thing God messed up with is he forgot to allow central nerves the ability to regenerate, or at least not in an efficient way.
    Did he forget? Or is it the job of those made in his image?
    Nature shows us it can be it is up to us to figure out how.

    The one thing that cements creation in my the platypus.
    Come on..ducks don't have sex with beavers.


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    Dr. Wise,
    I find creationism and evolution to be intertwined.

    But honestly cannot fathom it all being without design. It works too well to be a random happening.

    Seeing what man accomplishes is very exciting
    sometimes. But when looking at nature..pops my eyes wide open..and I become in total awe.
    Childlike..but just can't help it.

    BTW..I think Jesus expects his scientists to perform miracles. With unfortunately the same
    close minded BS he had to endure.


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    I know this is over a decade old. But curious if this interview still exists anywhere online?

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    This is a very interesting conversation, we are trying to track down the video.

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