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Thread: Oldest Quads or Paras

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    Oldest Quads or Paras

    I'm curious..Who is the oldest person with a SCI injury that anyone has heard of or knows?

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    A friend of the family has a mother who's a c-5 quad 35+ yrs. post at 83yrs. old and is sharp as a tack.

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    I seen a 70 year old Para at a snowmobile swap meet one time on a 90 degree day. he unloaded his golf cart and thru his chair on the trailer and left for the day by himself. I am 40 years younger and twice as strong and I had a fleet of buddies to help me. That guy was awesome.

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    I met a man in rehab. from West Virginia who was a quad and had been one for over 40 years.
    He was told by all his doctors he would only live 5 years after his accident. And he has out lived all those doctors who told him that.

    By the way, you still out there ODell?

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    Originally posted by murrey:

    I'm curious..Who is the oldest person with a SCI injury that anyone has heard of or knows?
    I know 10 vietnamise children came to Norway, with SCI from the war, in 1968. I do not think they were all newbies and 7 of them still live here in Norway. They are at least 37 years post. I meet some of them sometimes and I think all of them is doing well. They are all complete paras. A few of them not even 40 years old. The oldest is 50 soon.

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    the oldest one i know personally is 36+ being a c5 quad, he's 54 yrs old. he's been through way too many visits in the hospital due to sci. makes me nervous as i get older. the oldest one i've heard of was in PN magazine 50 yrs+.

    Even if your body cannot move, you can still think and meditate ~Dalai Lama~

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    I hit 20 last month, so, uh, there.

    Was this a contest?

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    I'm 56 year old T11,T12 post 6 years from a car accident.


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    I am a 65 year old T6/7 para and I was 30 years post injury on 4-20. I still use a manual chair and until just recently have had no major problems. I am still dealing with sores on my left leg that occurred before blood flow was restored.

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    I am a 56 year old female injured in MVA in 1968. C6-7 incomplete quad. I had one child yen years after SCI who will be 26 in May.

    Pat K

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