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Thread: Cordectomy ??? Vertebral artery???

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    Cordectomy ??? Vertebral artery???

    Hi everyone,
    First, I hope to see some of you at the Abilities Expo! We are going Friday.

    Can anyone tell me what a "cordectomy" is? Also, what a vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm is?
    As always, appreciate any/all input.

    Cathy J

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    Cathy , if you do a search for cordectomy , there are about a dozen posts to be found.
    thank you ,

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    A cordectomy is removal of one or more vocal cords, usually done for throat cancer.

    Occasionally it is also used as a term to describe surgical removal of part of the spinal cord, usually due to cancer, but sometimes suggested as a treatment for neuropathic pain or spasticity. I have seen it done, and it usually leaves the person worse off than they were prior to the surgery. Cordotomy or myelotomy is a similar surgery where the cord is cut, but not removed, but also has questionable benefit. Here is some information on this:

    The two vertebral arteries travel through foramen (holes) in the cervical spine, joining together at the base of the brain to form the basilar artery which supplies the brainstem and posterior parts of the brain such as the pons and cerebellum. Just before they join together, they send off a joined anterior spinal artery, which then travels down the front of the spinal cord, supplying the blood to the anterior (front) 2/3s of the spinal cord.

    Damage to one vertebral artery is usually survivable (unless there is massive hemorrhage), and generally does not cause cord damage. Damage to or occlusion of both can be a cause of sudden death in cervical spinal trauma, as it usually results in brain stem infarction.

    Here is an article on vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm. I have seen a couple of these, mostly due to gun shot wounds to the neck:


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