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Thread: Why don't member's post

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    Why don't member's post

    I just got to looking at all the people logged in, and wondered? Why don't you ever see any post's from them? Are they just curious about people with sci"s or just to shy to post. I know some of them do not have a SCI but most have a freind or family member who is, and that is fine with me but personally I would like to see more people who do have SCI's to make post's
    Just my thought's

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    Hey duge I was injured 8/11/01. I have come everyday since and I just started posting. With me it was more of a mental thing,. What I mean by that is before I always read and saw a lot of negativety from some people (a couple) that do post and that bothered me because I always tried to stay positive and ignore it. Since however, I have started posting I have found it very theraputic. I will only reply to cool and informative topics because it doesn't help me to look back and reflect on my bad memories. This site is extreamly helpful and I just think some of those names we see when we log inn are waiting until they feel comfortable talking about sci. Atleast thats the way it was for me. Did you start posting right away?

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    Only 10% of the members post. The rest seem to lurk. Wise.

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    Yes I did because I wanted to know about my injury and Dr Young has been great when you need something answered. So Hat's off to Dr. Young!!!!
    He is GREAT. Don't want to forget the nurse's too!
    There are some negative thing's but I think the good outway's the negative. It does help to see other's like ourselves and then to be Thankful for not being as disabled as other's. I am very thankful for what I have. I think sometime's it's a place to vent and get thing's out sometime's. It's not healthy to hold thing's in. Also I think it is fun to post something just to get other's view's but sometime's lookout, as I have been there and really don't want anymore of that, So I will alway's try to stay on the positive side now.
    Thank's Jeff& Dr. Young

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    I "lurk" often, however it seems I just don't have that much to say and when I do I feel since I am not involved and no one really knows me I am just butting into business that is not mine. The fighting that goes on also keeps me from voicing my opinions. Ohhh and posts getting deleted all the time .. I never know whats going on! well since I came out of my shell: globe your hair looks very nice shorter .... and I have been wanting to know what ever happened to Moody??? can someone tell me .. we used to talk and then she dissapeared! thanks,Chantale

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    I post now and then but I really enjoy reading the messages, since joining this board I've learned alot.. A few times I've been able to post a reply. I'm almost 6 year (June 19) post accident, I really enjoy this board!

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    I think some people may just have a difficult time physically to post.

    Even if your body cannot move, you can still think and meditate ~Dalai Lama~

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    Most of the time I have nothing to say unless I feel inspired.

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    That is a very good point! I never gave that a thought.

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    I have also lurked for a long time. My husband is a quad and I mainly come to the site to learn all I can from you all. There have been a few times I wanted to post, but haven't. I usually read on the fly and do keep up with most everything that's going on. It's an excellent site and I have learned lots. Thanks for you all sharing. It's good to know how others feel.

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