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    Bag to Carry

    Basically I'm getting ready to return to work and I want to find a bag that I can carry with my wheel chair. I had this black liz clairborne bag I use to carry over my shoulder as I walked... I tried to put it on one of the handles on my wheelchair... It kept getting caught in my wheel. I felt like crying when I gave up my purses because I could carry them anymore. Is there anything out there that is practical and cute?

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    A backpack is not very practical for a lot of things that you need to access daily. I see a lot of women in chairs use a tiny purse on a chest strap (a nice cute one) for money and a lipstick, and then use their backpack for books, etc. A under seat bag or cloth shelf is a good option for many, depending on the design for your chair. Here are some products:


    Advantage bags


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    I know what you mean, Camille. Now with the chair, my purses seem to sit in my closet and look pretty. Even the ones with really short shoulder straps. They just get in the way. I hate it too, 'cause I love purses. I have a lil pouch thing that is under my seat. It is plenty big enough for wallet, cell, keys, and other goodies. But, it doesn't get in the way when breaking the chair down either. It is much easier than tryin to reach around back to a backpack, for me at least. The sites listed by the nurse are good ones.Good luck with finding your match. A girl's got to have her stash of stuff.

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    I don't know much about purses but I've set a couple of chairs up with this bag under the seat.

    Model 224

    ALthough it is sold as a camera bag, I think it works pretty well on a chair for carrying small stuff. It'll even hold a paperback book or two.

    It is apparent in the picture but it has a built in waist strap so it could be carried as a fanny pack. That strap can be lead around the seat fram and buckled on top. The cushion covers the plastic buckle so its not noticeable. The bag then fits with its back against the seat sling.

    I've also attached one using the shoulder strap that clips to the D-rings. I cut the strap so there were short pieces that I put under screws that hold the seat bottom in place. The bag hangs down but it is easily unclipped from the chair when you want it.


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    I use a 'purse' (actually its a mini bike messenger bag) with an easily adjustable shoulder strap. I pull on the strap to tighten it around my back, and there's a clip to pull to loosen it.

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    I use a backpack on the handles of my chair. I'm obviously not going to be opening it and pulling anything out myself, so it's just the easiest option for whoever's with me at the moment to be able to get my stuff for me. My 10+ purses are gathering dust

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