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Thread: Isn't there anybody like me in the whole world:)

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    Isn't there anybody like me in the whole world:)

    I still wonder if I can find anybody like me in the forum. I can't find anybody like me here in Norway.

    I am an incomplete th12, post 35 years and i can walk but very slowly. I do not need to cath, I have trouble with my bowels. My walking is not so good, my muscles score is beetween 0 and 3. I know one woman in Sweden, L1, but she is still very different from me. She is not spastic, big difference I think and she walk much better than me. I have given birth to three children and I live alone. I have been walking with no assistent all the time but the last year I got a chair because walking make me very tired and give me a lot of pain. I have bad balance, i fall down very easily because my knees suddenly disepear and because of the bad balance My sensation is not normal, some places I lost the sensation and some places I feel kind of numb.

    If somebody is like me, i really like to get in contact. My mailadress is in my profile.

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    I have the same as you t-12 incomplete. I don't have to cath anymore but I do have to use a laxitve everyday. My walking is not very good and I can not walk like around a store before I am ready to give out and yes I have alot of pain from walking, I walk on my heel's, my toes are curved down. I don't have my balance either, and I have nerve ending pain in the bottom's of my feet and my butt"tailbone area" I have also not got control of my bowels and bladder at night I am just like a baby there. I cannot feel my bottom or thigh's I can set on ice and not know it. also my anal sphincter is numb, no feeling at all. I have to use a cane to walk. plus I have had some stress fracture's below my knee's which have arthritis now. that's just some of what I have

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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