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Thread: Possible move to California...

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    Possible move to California...

    ....I'm just thinking about it What do I need to know if I move there? I'm looking into Southern California, San Diego preferrably. I need PCA's and accessible housing. Even though I also want a job when I move there, in the meantime I need to be on affordable housing, SSI, and CA Medicaid (then once I find a decent FT job I'd want to get off state services). I have to wait a year before I'm eligible for CA state services, correct?

    Btw, my bf (who is AB) would be moving with me. He'll be looking for a teaching job.

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    If you are on SSI you automatically qualify for California Medicaid and other state services. Residency requirements apply to college, but I've heard even those can sometimes be waived.

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    San Diego, CA. has nice weather, and I am sure you will enjoy living there. With the current budget crisis, services such as MediCal, school tuition, state jobs are all taking hits. You will want to plan out everything ahead of time before you make your move. You can find affordable housing in San Diego, and I don't believe you are looking for or qualify for Section 8 housing.

    Since you mentioned PCAs, you may have to deal with in-home support services, IHSS.


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    Median cost for a new home in San Diego is now $380,000.00 and rising. Rental for a single bedroom apartment (not accessible) is averaging $1200-1400/month. Section 8 waiting lists exceed 1 year in most areas. Waiting time for approval for paratransit is averaging 6-8 weeks.

    Waiting time to apply for Medi-Cal (Medicaid) is 30 days of county residency. Waiting time for approval for IHSS (attendant care) is 2-4 weeks after approval of eligiblity. You must find and hire your own attendant who will accept the $8.75/hour the county pays. The county social worker will determine the number of hours of funded care you get. You cannot supplement their income with your own money, but can provide housing, meals or transportation.

    Here are some helpful links:

    Have you considered Arizona instead? More affordable in all areas.


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    wish i could live in san's just WAY too expensive, even in a bad neighborhood.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. SCI Nurse, yeah AZ would be nice too. It just gets so hot there. Having a SCI makes it hard to regulate.

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    If you need home care, do not move to Arizona. They do not have a Medicaid system that can meet the needs of a quad. Basically, you need to have family who can provide your personal care or live in a nursing home. Yes, CA is expensive (as is NY) and there are budget concerns but CA has a Medicaid system far better than most states. NY, too. There's a trade-off... to get the Medicaid coverage you will have to live in a more populated, most likely more expensive state... to get lower living costs you have to give up some Medicaid coverage. A lot of times, you can't have both. I live on Long Island, NY and it's super expensive- but I get home care without having to fight to get it. There's pros and cons to everything. Weigh your options carefully.

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    This is not exactly an answer to your questions, however: I spent a week in san diego on vaction a couple of years ago and it seemed like it would be a blast to live there.


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    Originally posted by Theophania:

    Thanks for the responses guys. SCI Nurse, yeah AZ would be nice too. It just gets so hot there. Having a SCI makes it hard to regulate.
    If you don't live near the beach in southern California (which you won't be able to afford on SDI, etc.) it's just as hot as Arizona...except on the worst of days.


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    Kap, when I was in SD in March a few years back it was freezing. But I was near the coast most of the time. What other CA cities would you recommend then?

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