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Thread: How do you get by financially?

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    Ditto what Kimmy said. I'm totally independent once in my chair. I'm up for around 14 hours each day. I'm C5/6 complete.

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    Hello, We live in Tennessee and my son, age 24, is getting Vocational Rehabilitation support to go to college. Initially it was tough getting into the system but once there we have been for the most part pleased Did have one bumpy issue that was resolved with the help of the Tennesse Protection and Advocacy group. Following his accident he attended a nearby community college. He is now attending MTSU which does a very good job of providing supports needed for success. Voc provided him with the computer he uses (he is C-5,6,7 complete) funding for personal care assistance, tuition, books, travel,and a small dollar amount for noon meals. It is important to establish up front what the ultimate work goals are and the education level that is needed to achieve them. For example my son's plan is written to support him through the completion of a Master's degree because he will need that for employment in law/political science. Please contact me if you think we can help you in any way.

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