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Thread: thoughts and prayers needed

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    yes we have been up the hospiatl alot. here is what is going on...

    my friend had a super nasty divorce and teh ex wife has turned teh kids against him. she has suceeded in getting him banned from seeing his girls. for NO REASON. he is devaststed.

    the youngest, the one with severe head trauma, was taken into the operating room yesterday to repair her pelvis, hip and pubic bone. without boring everyone with much detail it was a very risky suregery. with several options, loosing her leg, loosing her life, or teh best was just minimal nerve damage and teh possibility she may never walk again. she got lucky and pulled thru. the surgery went well and they removed a blood clot the size of a man's fist!

    she is not coherent yet, her color is very bad, BUT she was extubated within hours after coming off the table. (6 hour surgery)

    leah, they oldest is has been moved from the worst icu (karla is still in the severe icu) and placed in peds icu and is considered stable as of now. she is giving her dad teh typical 16 year old atitude and has turned against him and doesnt want to even see him.

    like i said the ex wife is a psycho from hell! and that is putting it mildly. please pray that they can get the youngest stabilized and that he is able to see his girls. he is going nuts up there without being able to see them.

    we saw the youngest girl being taken back to her room from her cat scan and she does not look good at all. prayers!!!!!

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    Thank's Ochica!!!!!!!!!
    has to be tormmenting him, hope someone is by his side. Sound's like he need's it.

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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