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Thread: QUANTUM BLAST 850?

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    Does anyone have a Quantum Blast 850 Power chair and if so what do you think about them?

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    I have the Quantam Blast HD. Same as the 850, but more low end power, and its top speed is a little less than the 850, but still plenty fast!. Overall the chair has been very reliable, and no major problems in 21 months of use.

    The front pivoting axle helps on curb jumping and uneven ground, (no wheels in the air)

    The only thing Im not crazy about is, the footrest mounts. they are a vertical tube mounted just in front of the seat cushon, and almost seat height. When I transfer, I drag the back of my leg on them and get some scratches and bruises there. This is the only complaint I've really got. That is, if their still made like mine.


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