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Thread: Accessible Taxis in Vancouver?

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    Accessible Taxis in Vancouver?

    I'm going to Vancouver over Easter and wondering about the availability and cost of wheelchair cabs in Vancouver. Are they readily available? Any company you recomend? Are they more expensive?

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    The accessible transportation in Vancouver is called HandiDart. I have never used it, but everything you need to know is here:

    But for some negative comments on it:
    "The HandiDART vehicle service offered to the disabled by TransLink, the Vancouver area's transportation authority, is inadequate because it requires passengers to prebook as many as six days in advance, he said."

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    There must be regular taxis though?

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    I can't recall specific company names but there are two or three companies that offer accessible taxis and have several vans in their fleet.

    Are you staying in a hotel? The front desk will know and be able to call for you. Otherwise, check the Yellow Pages when there. The rates are the same as regular taxis. I find they come quicker when the hotel calls.

    Getting around Vancouver in a w/c (electric or manual) is not much of an issue. You call a cab - They come and you don't have to wait much longer than an AB would if they called a cab. The public transit is accessible too.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Hey Emi,

    All companies pretty much have at least couple w/c vans now. They can't charge more, its the same as any cab. You won't have a problem at all. I take it your flying, any of the taxi phones at the airport will have accessible cabs. In fact, I bet there's not one company that doesn't have at least one by now.

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    I am going to be flying into Vancouver In late July and then probably driving up to Chilko Lake. Anybody have an idea of what I might be able to rent a wheelchair accessible van for? Or know of a company that rents accessible vans ?

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    We have been through Vancouver for several cruises. We easily found wheelchair cabs at both the airport and cruise terminal. Much better access than most American cities. Here is a link that should be helpful:


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