below is an email from the Commandant of the school . i will lock this thread and would ask that any member[s] who wishes to comment further on this matter open a new topic in ''Members ''.

The boys in question are minors, so I can't mention their names. After conducting an intensive investigation, I have discovered twelve cadets that confessed to having one to three different usernames that allowed them to access your chat room. I made each of these boys tell me their username(s), and any other cadet they knew that accessed your chat room. Although some of the usernames didn't appear in the portion of the chat room that Peter sent me, I treated all of the cadets in the same fashion. After reading them all the riot act, I had each cadet come into my office individually while I called their parents and explained that their son wanted to tell them something that they had done. Each cadet was forced to repeat exactly what they had written on your chat room. After each cadet finished telling their parents of their despicable act, I told each parent that they should spend some time with their son talking about what they had done and educating them. Every parent I spoke with was embarrassed, outraged, and very angry with their son's offensive language. Since all the cadets went on Spring break today, I informed them that they had brought great discredit on the academy and that as soon as they returned from break they would each have to complete whatever task set for them in order to finish the school year. I've spoken with Admiral Kurth (the academy president) and he is outraged as well. I plan on giving all these boys many hours of community service, they will all write a 500-word essay on the proper respect of others, they will all write apology letters that I will forward to the above addresses, and they will all walk 20 hours on the guard path. If you can think of anything else you think might make these boys understand the seriousness of their actions feel free to write to me . Once again, myself and the president are very sorry these boys took advantage of us allowing them to research .edu sites. I can personally attest to the fact that by the time I was done with them there was not a dry eye among them and they were shaking in their boots.

Very respectfully yours,

James L Brown

Commandant of Cadets

1STSGT USMC (Ret) ''

thank you ,

P.S. Kate i went to an all boys boarding school [as do most kids from areas like this in Australia , due to lack of proximity to high schools ] , i think i'm pretty normal , and am horrified by this behaviour.

every day i wake up is a good one .