I've been running a fever all week. This past Tuesday I decided to stay home in an attempt to get over it. I slept most of the day away in 2 hour segments and felt genuinely better the next day. I went from 102.5 to about 100. I still have a fever of about 99 to 100, but I barelynotice it. I call 100 a fever because my normal post SCI body temp is 96.5.
Anyway, that's only background for my question...
I normallyhave a decent amount of spasticity (tone) and spasms. My leg spasms are very powerful in the morning when I'm moved for the first time. Also, if I rapidly move my arms, my chest and arm muscles tighten up and restrict my motion.
Well, I didn't have a spasm problem at all on Tues. Mylegs were doscile, and I couldn't make my upperbody tighten up no matter how hard I tried. It was strange, and made me realize how much easier life would be if I didn't have spasms! My muscles were warm, like the rest of my body, I'msure that had an effect, but I wish I could "bottle" that fever and put it to good use!
I still have a mild fever, but ALL the spasms.
Anyone else ever notice a similar reduction in spasticity/spasms?