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Thread: getting disability

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    One other thing I had to do to get onto SSDI and then Social Security was to make sure all of my assets were below a total net worth of $2000. Since I didn't own anything except my truck and cashed out my 401k plan to cover the bills, I pretty much had nothing. Once you are on disability, bear in mind that you can't earn more than $700 a month or so or you will lose it. (This is for Social Security only - I don't know how your employer's disability may be different)

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    ssdi , has nothing to do with assets
    you can have property, houses , money in the bank, receive money from retirement funds, and other sources, its something you have paid into for many years, and if eligable the amount of money you get in return , will be based on what you put into it..
    provided you are unable to work..
    ssi is totally different

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