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Thread: Going back to Work

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    When I went back to work I used humor to ease other peoples anxiety about how to talk and/or relate to me. I spared no ones feelings either. I told them about bowel/bladder accidents etc.

    As a general rule most people will very accepting and welcome you back.

    My only caution - If possible, don't ever put yourself in the position where others might "think" you are less productive than they are. This will certainly create animosity and jealousy. Many will also be very envious of your "convenient" parking spot. You will also be surprised (annoyed)to see how many "able" bodied prefer to use the handicap stall (even when other stalls are empty).

    Have fun. You'll be fine.


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    In my experience, the people who are nice will still be nice, and the people who are jerks won't improve, because you're in a wheelchair. Given time, people will see you for who you are and judge you purely on your performance. I would suggest that you get a rehab. tech. eval. VR should pay for it. You may need a designated parking space, curb cut, wider bathroom, raised desk, new work station, computer or lap top, if you don't already have one. The RT might also explore the possibility of having you perform some tasks at home when the weather is bad or you're have a bad SCI day.

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    Thanks to all...sounds like I'm making a bigger deal of it than need be. I find that some days I'm really fired up about it and others I'm in deep dread. Guess we'll suck it up and see.

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    You are lucky you can get your job back. Here most of the jobs doesn't fit somebody in a wheelchair. Steps and no lift and no toilett for disables. And the bosses don't want you back because they think you are going to be sick half of the time.

    So the people ends up with money from the state. Even if they can do the same job as before.

    Strange, it is forbidden to discriminate for colour, religion and sexual preferrence but it is not forbidden to discriminate a person with a disability.

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