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Thread: CC as a crutch?

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    CC as a crutch?

    I was reading another post where someone suggested that people use CC a crutch, meaning that instead of going out and living a 'normal life', they stay at home and hang out on the computer. any thoughts on this? do you think it's healthy or not and reasons why?

    Even if your body cannot move, you can still think and meditate ~Dalai Lama~

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    I would hope not. Tonight, I'm going out to my favorite bar from before my accident, to hang out with my same good friends from before the accident, to watch my favorite band from before the accident, while drinking a few of my favorite frosty beverages since before the accident. I'm already a junkie and I just found the site two or three days ago. Nonetheless, I don't think my social life is going to change at all...carecure or not.

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    I think this place can be a psychological crutch for those who long to be cured. Knowing that your current situation has the real possibility of changing is a powerful incentive, for those who lean on hope to live. Keep the window of opportunity open, enjoy the view from there, but don't spend your life sitting by it.

    When I was first hurt, if I didn't believe I was going to walk again, I would have never survived.

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    people are always looking for an excuse to use. If they wish to blame their troubles on CC then so be it. All they are hurting is themselves. I will become scarce if this ?@$%&# weather ever gets warm and stays warm.

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    I don't think it is! I think it is a place where we can learn about our SCI's and see how other's deal with the same thing's that we might have wrong with us.And also what would you call a normal life for those with a SCI? I sure can't do what I use to and I'm sure everyone else here can't do most of the thing's they use to do. Yes I think it is a healthy thing to try to learn about our problem's.

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    I recently started posting here, I will say this a great place for information. I'm not too hung up on a cure, I still believe that one day I'll walk but I'm not gonna sit and wait. I'm usually on the boards (CC,NM and chatrooms) when I'm done with my work, if I wasn't here I'd be shopping. I hope those who are staying in their homes are doing so because of the weather.

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    Crutches help many paralyzed people walk..
    so maybe it is like a crutch.

    Even AB's spend too much time on the computer.

    I'm sure everyone would be out of doors more
    if the computer had not been invented.

    Moderation in most things is the best way to
    go I think.

    I bet alot of the argumentive type behaviors
    would stop if the participants did speak
    face to face.


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    i spend a lot of time here, a crutch no, a tool yes, great care advice, great exercise advice, great research info, and great opportunity to change attitudes, for example

    "I'm not too hung up on a cure, I still believe that one day I'll walk but I'm not gonna sit and wait."

    Bridget i have 3 sons the youngest being two years older than you. What scares me alot is that they might become SCI. Knowing that it can be whiped and not doing all i can to help end this. I need to end this because to wheel into a hospital room seeing one of them SCI would kill me.

    I am hung up on a cure and i'm not gonna sit and wait.

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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    yes, for me it has become a crutch (or wheelchair) - I am looking for a cure but usually I come away more depressed than when I started. I, like Bilby, would never have survived if I hadn't believed in a cure.

    I've been quite depressed for 2 years and look on here everyday, but prior to that when I was signed up on CC but was feeling pretty normal I only checked on CC once a week or so.

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    im with pat

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