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    An Addition

    I have recently been working with poems writtten by two members of CC. They have been so good to let me have their poetry posted on my website and I would like to invite all here to go and see their work. Their work is beautiful and I plan to continue to post more of their poetry if they allow me to do so.

    If you go visit my site and view their work, please give us some feedback or comments about your thoughts of them(meaning their work). I don't currently have an area on my site for you to do that but if you would please write it here, it will be greatly appreciated. We do want to encourage them to continue with their writing too.

    The links can be found here


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    Raven read some of them and they are good aren't they...the on especialy about the wreck and mommy and daddy...will read more later....reese

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    Thank you, Raven.


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