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    Hey all my name is Jeffrey and Im a c-6 quad...Im a senior this year so I plan to go to prom with my girlfriend...Since i had my accident two years ago I havent worn a suit...How have you done with tuxs? or does anyone have any alternative ideas that they've used?

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    I got one custom made for mine, but a year and a half later i tried it on and i had filled out a bit so now the jacket is useless. I suggest finding a suit store that can do a lot of altering. The biggest issue is probably the length of the jacket vs the arm length.

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    Jeffrey, check out

    There may be some worthwhile suggestions to consider.

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    I'm a c8-t1 and have worn a number of tuxs to weddings. After I joined the workforce I bought 2 tuxs for work and charity events so it should be no problem. I suggest going to a rental place and they will fit you no problem. Have fun at the prom.


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    Any good retail store, i.e. Nordstrom's, has a tailor. Have alot of fun!!!

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    Jeff, a good tailor at a tux shop will be able to fit you in your chair without trying on the pants. If you get it early you can take it home and try it on then bring it back for adjustments.

    I would think about wearing your own shoes cause the rentals usually don't have any tread on the bottom and are tough to keep on the footrest.

    Have a great time!

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    Hi Jeff,

    I suggested this to a guy who needed a tux for formal events but had a limited budget. Head for several different rental places and ask to speak to the manager/owner (or call). Explain the chair, your specific needs like quad gut, etc. Then ask if they have any to sell. Since we sit all the time and ABs don't the pants tend to show "shine" faster than anywhere else. Well we don't care if pants show shine in the rear. They can match those up by color very closely with a jacket that has a problem back. Again, people tend to sit on the tail area or it gets dragged passed the edge of the cake table. My friend actually got his free plus the cost of custom fitting. Normally these pieces are tossed so many places are more than happy to help you out if you buy your shirt and tie there. Maybe even ask about shoes. I don't know at what point those get tossed but you do need rubber somethings on the soles to not slip as JLB suggested. Any shoe place can sell you press on strips.

    Liz, my husband's tux was just retailored at Nordstroms. $$$$$$$$$ And he bought it there 6 months before. Atkins diet did wonders but it did cost him later. He needed the chest adjusted which required the collar to be removed. But they sure do great jobs on the suits they sell.

    Oh, Land's End also sells tuxedos now by the piece so you can order specific pants sizes and jackets that fit. They also have a convertible tuxedo shirt so it can be used with studs for formal or without for everyday. Since my husband wears French cuff shirts a lot I have bought him several. He loves the fit, I love the price.

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