There is a new web site that some doctors have put together to keep track of - and publicize the names of - patients who have sued for malpractice:

The apparent purpose of this is to allow doctors to "screen" patients they consider "litigious", ie., someone who has brought a malpractice case. It appears to be a way to intimidate consumers.

It is interesting that consumers still can not get into the National Practitioner Database, but these doctors can put consumer names on a list somewhere (which we also can't get into).

I cant tell you how horrid it was for me to be denied care by doctors because of HOW I was hurt!!
And Even in getting cleared to drive or other issues because I was "red flagged" in my medical files as being 'litigious"

I didnt understand it at the time..How could they betray a trust EVEN more?? I was devasted and brought to emotional lows by even more lack of honor in a profession I still held regard for.

PLEASE PLEASE know..this isnt against ALL doctors...It took me a bit of time but I found good ones HEck it was yet another doc that saved me!
Not to mention..when I had lost faith in the medical profession Wise and KLD restored my faith.
This is only commentary on how unjust the medical system CAN be...NOT all doctors!

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