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    I really like the relaxed fit Rolli-Moden jeans, but they have discontinued my size. Are there any other good wheelchair jean manufacturers out there?


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    tigger...hope this helps
    i haven't ordered any from this i can't give any personal feedback. take care!

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    I buy all my jeans fron USA Jeans. I really like them.

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    I've never bought adapted jeans.
    What do they do to them?

    I went in to GAP today. Does anyone else notice how the salesclerks attack you like vultures to a dead body? I was only looking for just a simple dress shirt, and suddenly I was bombarded by all sorts of shirts. One of the guys led me to a change room, locked me in, and then started piling what he thought would look good on me, over the door of the changeroom. I was about to call for help when he smelled fresh meat, so I made my escape.

    Worst part of it was that his colour choice was all wrong. Ugh.

    Sorry to hijack thread. GAP and AE are where I find jeans that fit me.

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    globe- All the jeans at those places (especiall AE) seem to be lowrise. I guess what Im trying to say is Im worried about butt overhang. How do you get jeans from there that fit nice?? I dont wear alot of jeans now but I would love to get back into them

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    The few pairs of jeans I own all came from Old Navy...however, I prefer cargo pants, because of all the pockets in easily reachable places.

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    I got 2 pairs of USA jeans for xmas and they're great

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    Up until a few yrs ago, i wasn't aware of ''adaptable/dis'' clothing. 23y's post; 'n i live in lee 'n levi jeans.

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