My son has bought an Explorer and we need some suggestions or ideas from those who might have dealt with getting into it.

I normally get into the cars using a transfer board but this car/truck is giving me a problem. It is way too high to get in with the transfer board. I do not want to have to be put into it as if I were a baby that needs to be picked up.

I have dealt with getting in and out of all the cars since my injury and that has been a very long, long time. My son says that he can pick me up and put me inside on the seat. That action makes me feel less independent. My shoulders are already giving me problems but I insist that I can still be as independent as before. The only problem for me lays in having the height at a lower level in order to slide into the seat.

I was wondering about those of you whom have may have met with this problem yourselves. I know many of you have trucks whose height is more than a car's. Can anyone tell me how they managed or what was used to help in getting in w/o another person's picking them up and sitting them in the seat?

I know, I know, I can be stubborn but if I hadn't been stubborn, I would not have been able to get as independent as I did. So please be patient with me and just give me some ideas, suggestions or tell me how you did it. Any of them would be greatly appreciated by us.