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Thread: companion dogs....

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    companion dogs....

    I am looking for a dog that is easy to maintain, compassionate and medium to small size. Friendship and stress reduction by my primary reasons for wanting a dog however I would like a breed that is intelligent enough to find someone and alert them if I need help. I would love to know people's experiences with different breeds.

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    If you get Animal Planet on cable or satelite TV check out Cell Dogs on Mondays at 8 or 9pm ET. The dogs are mostly from shelters and are sent to prisons to train. Lots of mutts besides the pure breeds. Most popular on brains and companionship are Labs, Retrievers and border collies if you have a way to get them enough exercise.

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    I just sent my dog to school last week!! When I first started the lookout for a puppy I was in the search for a companion/service dog. I've come a long way since leaving the hospital. So, now I decided the same as you. I want her around more for the friendship and stress reduction. Man, they are so great to have around!
    Anyhow, Pumpkin is a lab. I got her from a guy who breeds strictly for champion retrievers(ducks/sporting).She is so smart and calm. Most people say labs are kind of hyper. I've never had one prior to the injury, so I can't say how most act. But, Pumpkin, OMG ...She honestly is heaven sent. Don't know what I am going to do while she is away. He is going to train her for basic obedience ( sit and stay when told( with no acceptions), come, etc.) This way I have no troubles with her by myself.

    Also, my buddy has a border collie. With no professional training, hands down the smartest dog I've ever seen. So sweet and gentle too.

    I say go for it. It is well worth it. As for breeds, I say; labs, golden retrievers, border collies. That is just my input. Good luck!

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    Don't just look at purebred dogs. Often they have congential problems from over-inbreeding.

    Please consider a rescued or pound dog. They need you.

    Meanwhile if you want a small, intellegent, affectionate and fiercely loyal dog, I would recommend looking at a Dachshund or Dachshund mix. They are great lap dogs too.


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    I agree with KLD about Daschunds. Had two when we were kids. Just really need a fenced yard or good place for most to romp in. They are very smart, fun, easy to bathe (yea, they'll jump in the tub with kids). But both of ours had a tendency to take off if the front door was open. They are great in that they are small enough to travel in the cabin with oyu in airplanes due to their size. Make sure you get a good background check if you are looking for a purebred. Mutts are much less likely to have the problems the purebred versions do.

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    I have to take this opportunity to brag about the newest addition to our family. This is Kingston, a miniature American Eskimo. We've had him for 2 weeks, and in this pic he's just a day or two shy of 8 weeks, when we first got him.

    Several years ago we had another American Eskimo, a truly great dog, and my wife couldn't resist this one when the opportunity arose.

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    I just saw this post. And the replies.
    Yes..there is nothing like a dachshund..but
    even the best conformed can genetically be
    programmed to develope disc disease.
    Requiring very expensive medical treatment..
    from Solu-Medrol MRI's to surgery and
    rehabilitation..they sometimes alike humans
    don't regain functions..bowel..bladder..walking.

    BUT..they are awesome. Loyal, intelligent,
    protective, hunters extraordinare, and the
    best friend you will ever have.

    I would suggest a mixed breed. Terrier mixes
    can be trained to do just about anything a
    dog can do..and they have longer legs.
    Good luck in your search.
    There is no bad dog IMO.


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    I spoke with the local veterinarian the other day and she recommended that I look into the breed called Shiba inu, and these canines traits are typically quiet, watchful and curious. They require very little grooming and housebreak easily. A special Japanese breed, has anyone had experience with these dogs. I love to know thoughts

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