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Thread: Cool website to make talking pictures

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    Cool website to make talking pictures

    You can make your own by clicking on the left link on the screen. Make your own and post it here on this thread. This is a lot of fun.

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    'The more you dissaprove the more fun it is for me.'

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    Thats great cspine, I like that.

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    Those are great!

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    That was great. I don't know if this link will work but here's mine if you can access it.

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    hello curt-

    your voice sounded just like i thought it would.

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    well, it is not me, but I did write the text :-)

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    Yes Bilby, I just got back from Scotland, cant seem to shake the accent.

    Heres another one.

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    Love the new one Curtis.


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    These are so fun! My daughter and I have been putting pictures of our cats and dog in and making them say things. It's hilarious. Thanks Curtis!

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