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Thread: Mission Statement for CareCure

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    Mission Statement for CareCure

    I was reading over some of the posts in a recent controversy--yes, I'm obviously masochistic. In one a member pointed out that CareCure doesn't have a mission statement. That struck me. I don't know if Wise or other powers that be are working on one, but I'm sure they've got more important work to do. Maybe the CareCure community could help by starting one for them to work with ... ?

    I think a mission statement would help clarify our purpose and unify the members. Also, it would give administrators, moderators, and members a standard to guide our actions, give us pause for self-examination before we engage in rapid-fire posting, and direct our attention back to when issues or members get (way) off track.

    Just a thought ...

    Any ideas?

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    "Cure us, so we don't need care."


    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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    Originally posted by alan:

    "Cure us, so we don't need care."

    Thanks Alan, that's been our motto too, these past seven years!!

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