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Thread: Favorite movie of all time?

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    thenotebookmovie oh my...yes

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    Jeff Goldblum as Artemis????? NEVER! He is too sarcastic....I could not see him in that role at all, although I do love him in many of his roles. I do think the first version of "The Fly" was scarier than the one with Jeff. I have seen "Splendor in the Grass" several times.

    I love Netflix as I can see recent films I missed as well as old favorites and classics when I want to see them (and no commercials, etc.). I do still prefer to see many films at the theater too, which is why I belong to the local Cinema Society.


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    I like:

    To Sir With Love
    12 Angry Men
    Monty Python asnd the Holy Grail

    corney I know!!

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    I thought the first Fly was better (but scarier?)

    and then David Heddison (was that his name?) appeared on Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - I used to love that programme

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    Yes...I think Jeff Goldblum...could at least audition for Atticus Finch. He would have to study a lot of Gregory Peck's mannerisms...

    I am sure they would not cast he is rather dark but it might be interesting to see him play something different...but probably not plausible as he is rather quirky...

    Can you see why I say possibly though?

    I have seen Jeff G play jazz at a piano bar in LA...he had his first gig playing piano in a bar I think when he was was his first job...

    I used to serve on the Mill Valley Film Festival Board when I was in my 30's...I have enjoyed Telluride and Sun Dance Film years past...but I prefer these days to watch things at home.

    If I want to see a film I might do Net Flicks or go to one of the many cinemas within wheelchair distance of my house ...there are about 30....I am not a movie junkie ...they are expensive and
    for the most part really terrible...I think I will enjoy The Notebook...but it disturbs me the central actor has a beard does not seem to be a part of the genre...I have always enjoyed John Cassavetes as a film maker though....

    My favorite is the Sony Center called the has about 20 theatres and the I is on the other side of a park from the MOMA....all very futuristic in design...yes you would like it...
    I think.

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    A lot of people NOT in this forum will say their favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird. I had one acquaintance that lusted for the soundtrack. I appeased her in that one respect. However, for my eyeball hours; minute for minute, I like Neighbors ... what a paranoid hoot!

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    Not my most favoritest movie of all time or anything [they're listed earlier in the thread], but Pleasantville is good to watch when you're in the mood for a corny but "cute" movie.

    -Steven affluent suburb. 3:30 in the afternoon. 64 degrees and cloudy. the white house declined comment.

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    I have a thing for Cinderella stories. There are several that I have enjoyed over the years, including, "Cinderella".

    I love two movies along this theme, one is funny and one not so funny. I have watched them over and over at home and never grow tired of them. They are: "Arthur" and "Sabrina". I do not go out to movies mostly because I do not like shoving up against strangers unable to move if the place is crowded and sticking to the floor is no fun either...I recently bought a TV big enough to see, and prefer my couch to a seat in a theater any day.

    I agree with Piela on one thing...Jeff Goldblum can be anybody, and I would like him. He has always been able to convince me.

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    Some good movies:

    Patch of Blue (w/Sidney Poitier)
    Wuthering Heights (w/Lawrence Olivier)
    Shawshank Redemption
    The Killings Fields

    Cool Hand Luke (god, young Paul Newman is sooo damn easy on the eyes!!)

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    Movies I've watched repeatedly:

    *Independence Day
    *The Matrix
    *The Cutting Edge
    *Center Stage
    *Can't Buy Me Love
    *The Breakfast Club
    *Ferris Beuhlers Day Off
    *Pretty Woman
    *The Blues Brothers
    *Dirty Dancing
    *Smokey and the Bandit (New Years Eve we've all over-served ourselves annual movie)


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