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Thread: My chair keeps moving

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    My chair keeps moving

    My last apt. Had 4" tiles throughout and my new house has 18"-20" tile throughout, except bathroom.

    The problem is that when I transfer from my manual chair to bed, it slides away during the transfer. This is not good because while my butt is in the air, the landing spot has, for all intents and purposes, moved!

    Last night I just caught the edge of the bed and spent about 5 minutes getting all the way on the bed so as not to slide to the floor.

    How do you keep a 20lb chair from sliding away from you as you push on it to make the transfer?

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    Hi Cris.

    Does your chair have castor locks?

    I have seen people use small sandbags wedged against the floor and the front castor and rear wheels.

    I don't know how practical it would be for a c-6.

    Perhaps a large square of dental dam (sticky rubber) placed in the area you park the chair before transferring would be a better solution.

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    Thats one reason I kind of prefer carpeting in my bedroom.

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    they make large sheets of this stuff for under throw rugs to keep them from moving. try a sewing store or the fabric dept. at Wal-Mart. That would work for ya!

    EDIT... I found some for you. 3'X5' for $7.99!

    throw rug anti-slip

    T-10 complete

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    Thin, loose anti-slide sheets like suggested by Cowboy and Pat can get caught up by your wheelchair and cause an equally nasty fall. I would suggest looking into rubber backed carpeted matting such that used by business establishments as a mat to prevent water being tracked during inclimate weather. The other option would be to install low pile carpet or a large area rug over the tile.

    There are products that can be applied to tile to make it less slippery, but these don't adheare very well unless you use a fairly toxic and difficult to apply product (used on US military ships). We explored this and it would have been very expensive and required the bathroom to be out of commission for a week.

    Here is an example of the mats above:


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    maybe your brakes arent tight enough?

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    Originally posted by Curtis:

    Thats one reason I kind of prefer carpeting in my bedroom.

    What are the other reasons Curtis?

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    It might be possible to drill a few holes in the grout line and anchor a thin piece of moulding. That would not damage the tile and it would prevent the wheels from sliding. A few dabs of grout if you should move and you will not put a dent in your security deposit. Only issue is where the grout lines are, if necessary you could move the bed a few inches to accomodate.

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    Is there any way you can arrange to hook the chair to the bed during the transfers?

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