Dr. Young, Dr. Huang, and wonderful members,

Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Wish you good fortune!)

Gong Zhu Ni Men (Wish all of you):-

Shen Ti Jian Kan (Good health)

Lung Ma Jing Shen (Good spirit)

Chu Ru Ping An (Live safely)

Wan Shi Ru Yi (Every wish come true)

Hopefully, the Year of the Monkey will be the best year for the people of Hong Kong and around the world since 1997. The jobless rate here has dropped from 8.7%, the highest since Sars outbreak, to 7.3% in the last quarter. The boom in prosperity can be seen in every sector of the economy!

All the best wishes to all of you!

Suzanne & Richard