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Thread: Nick Danger and Rosemary on KUSI at 7:15 and 8:10 am in San Diego

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    Nick Danger and Rosemary on KUSI at 7:15 and 8:10 am in San Diego

    I just received this.

    [QUOTE]Well, I've been meaning to surface for a while and then send out an update, but I'm still pressed for time. This, of course, is coming out at the last minute, but for anyone in San Diego, I'll be getting interviewed on KUSI tomorrow (Thursday) morning around 8:10. I think the highlight of the morning, however, will be my friend Rosemary being interviewed at the airport around 7:15 AM. Either way, it's an opportunity to give CCI and my web site some more exposure, and that's what it's all about.

    My warmest regards, Steve Crowder AKA Nick Danger

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    I tried the link, didn't work.

    Why does this guy sound familiar?

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    Sorry, I just put in the correct link above. Wise.

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    sorry... that was his link. I just found the right link with a slash. Wise.

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    Thanks Wise, interesting site.

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    Nick was a big contributor on the Quad-List and the SCIPIN-L network. His most memorable [and hilarious] post to me was his "Butt Maintenance" story.


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    Thanks for posting the "Butt Maintenance" link.

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    Nick Danger saved my life....

    He was there for me in the beginning when life exploded and fell all around me. He was behind the scenes in my life when I decided that it was time for positive changes and in effect he is somewhat responsible for the direction I went in with my life. Check out his website he would love to see you posting!!!


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