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Thread: How many quads with no hand function work?

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    How many quads with no hand function work?

    Just wondering how many quads out there with very limited or no hand function work? If you work what do you do? If you don't how do you support yourself? Thanks for sharing.


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    Last year at this time I was able to work 20 hours a week as a graduate assistant for my university. I was able to do it all online from home while taking a full course load. I had zero hand function. I don't know if that qualifies as work or not...

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    Yes I work full time, Wall St. (investment) career and support myself and my family.

    All work is face to face, voice, and via computer.

    Hand function, especially individual fingers, is extremely limited.

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    c6 complete

    worked full time as a speech path w/ kids over 40 hrs a week full insurance but paid out of pocket for aide; went p/t few years

    now p/t running a grant, medicare, pay for aide out of pocket

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    c4-5 inc

    worked full time since grad from college as a broker, limited hands, im able to write fine due to a bit of grip. mostly face to face contact w/ clients, usually 45-50hrs a week

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    im a real estate investo, i buy fixer houses and fix them up and sell or rent them out. i just sign checks and boss my crew around. lack of finger movement keeps me from pulling my hair out from the stress.

    The more you dissaprove the more fun it is for me.

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    C3/4; no hand function - or anything else, for that matter.

    Currently working on my internship as staff psychologist at a DD center. I work about 25 hours a week; I'd do more except strength & stamina issues won't let me.

    Unfortunately still living off parents. NOT something to be proud of when you're over 35.

    "The only true currency in this bankrupt what you share with someone else when you're uncool." - Almost Famous

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    I am VP of a strategic communications firm. I work primarily out of my home office. Mostly project work such as writing, editing, research and consulting. I work 40 hours a week right now, with tremendous flexibility from working at home. Zero hand function. Doubt I could do a regular 9 to 5 in-the-office job.

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    3 days a week as a research assistant. 9am-5pm
    c4/5 complete

    Welcome to the party pal!
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    I can move my fingers on my left hand slightly, none on my right...Im still a student and havent found a real job yet. One day when I grow up.

    Even if your body cannot move, you can still think and meditate ~Dalai Lama~

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