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Thread: Disney's California Adventure

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    Disney's California Adventure

    I went today, and although it was raining for most of the day (wet, cold hands), it is aq great place. The park is relatively new and built on the premise of being completely accessible. It does a very good job of that with only a few necessary transfers for rides. Getting out of the roller coaster was kinda tough, but aside from nearly losing my pants, manageable. It's a cool place if you're in So Cali check it out.

    P.S. no cushion on the roller coaster so definately put yours on there, my arse is killing me!

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    I agree Joey..
    Very fun. And sorry you went on such a crappy
    You will feel it for a couple of days in every joint of your body..but way worth it IMO...


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    Will they let you put a cushion on the roller coaster? I went on one recently in Las Vegas and they wouldnt let me use my cushion....I woas so paranoid I was going to get a pressure sore from the hard plastic that I held myself up before the ride started until the attendant came over and yelled at me for not sitting properly on the seat...It was really embarrassing.

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    I didn't ask, thought i would be ok. it didn't cause any skin damage, it's just that my butt is hypersensitive so things hurt more than they actually do (if that makes sense). i ended up holding my self up off the seat as best i could after about half the ride. i think they would let you, but i can't say for sure.

    Philippians 4:4-7

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