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Thread: New Para with remodel questions

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    New Para with remodel questions

    I'm a T10 incomplete since 10/22/03. I need to remodle my bathroom. Any suggestions especially on design?

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    Hi, Theocrat, and welcome!

    I'm going to move your topic and question over to the 'life' forum, where I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions. You can see your topic here:

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    I'm T6 all the way and faced the same issues with accessablity in the bathroom, with a building built in the '20's and correspondingly small bathroom dimentions. All that was really needed was removing the door to it, adding additional doors to a 'hallway' leading into that area, and that was done. Bath duties are handled by a Invacare bench, toilet duties by a Lumex raised padded toilet seat. For the sink, I removed the cabinet type sink and hung a Home Depot special wall hanger for better access. A cursory re-tile of the place with some Home Depot grab bars by the toilet and in the tub (the walls were knocked down and plywood reinforcement added to the joists for the bars) and good as new, and usable. Not much is really needed with para injuries. Ideally I would love to knock down a wall and extend the bathroom into one of the bedrooms to make it really nice, but jacking around with this building isnt really worth it, more of a collect the rent and patch it up as it falls apart type situation. Maybe later I will have a custom house built, but that is another story. Good luck.

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    A lot depends upon the current size and layout of the bathroom. The more changes you have to make in the floor or plumbing, the more expensive it is.

    We had a dressing area with double sinks and a separate toilet/shower stall closed off with a pocket door. It was a very tiny space and not at all wheelchair accessible beyond the door. We torn out the wall (fortunately not weight bearing) between these two areas, ripped out the shower stall, replaced the dual sinks and counters, and ended up with a roll-in shower, a wall hung sink, and tile throughout, as well as installed a ceiling track lift. We also put in a mirror to the top of the sink, and a lowered built in medicine cabinet on the side where it is easier to reach. There are closets on one wall that we use for storage as well. Here are some photos:


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    Here is a photo of the other end of the bathroom:


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    check your other thread for my reply.

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