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Thread: Things that make you go wtf

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    Things that make you go wtf

    In [random] tribute to the song "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" [not really, but whatever ], what are some things that just make you go WTF?

    [wtf: acronym, what the f---?]

    [note: please don't criticize what other people see as WTF-worthy. it's just their opinions]

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    Stick or slide something where it usually is supposed to go, and the result is totally unexpected, catching ya off guard. Sometimes even shocking though not unpleasant. That usually gets a WTF outta me. But then again, simple minded folk like me, I go WTF if I can't get my left boot on my right foot.

    Free to Ride, Ride to be Free.

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    I've got one for parents called last night. They received the huge box of presents I mailed to them. Only, out of the 14 presents in the box, eight of them were GONE!!!
    And other crap was ADDED TO MY BOX!!
    For instance: one giant, size 12 or 13 PINK shoe!!!! Just ONE shoe!!! And another wrapped present "To Mark from Kim"...who ARE these people??


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    This "art" [discussion] just made me go WTF?

    It's work-safe and, dare I say, kid-safe art... but the paint source is a little strange.


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    Somebody saying that none of their problems in life are attributed to their SCI.

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    There will be plenty of time to rest when I'm dead and gone, until then, 150% straight ahead....

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    My last girlfriend, whose parting words to me were, "I'd marry you tomorrow, if you weren't a quad."

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    Originally posted by cjo:

    Somebody saying that _none_ of their problems in life are attributed to their SCI.
    Hardy har.

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    Funny this should come up now because just about 2 hours ago those were Jesses exact words WTF when I called him. You see, yesteday Jesses Dad sent the two of us into town to get 40 bed screws and then at the last minute he said, No, better get 10 extra. This morning his dad called from the shop and said that Jess and I needed to go back to Mankato, he had miscounted how many bed screws he needed. We ended up going back and getting FOUR HUNDRED more. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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