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Thread: Time Well Spent?

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    Time Well Spent?

    How do you spend your time? I volunteer two-three days a week, including working with SCI veterans. This comprises about 18 hours a week plus travel time. I am retired.

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    I am a full time student. I like to work in my woodshop when I have time. I also have two boys 9,11 so that kinda kills any spare time.

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    I have BA in psychology and work full-time for a mental health agency.

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    I'm a student, finishing off my BA in English. Hopefully start law school in 2005.

    I'm also an athlete, so spare time is spent training, travelling and competing.

    I also work as a peer counsellor at our local rehab centre, but that's only once a week during the school year and then full time in the summer.

    I'm a volunteer for BC Wheelchair Sports, so I do demonstrations of racing, and give talks regarding wheelchair sports at different functions.

    I am also a member of the Youth Health Advisory Council for Children's Hospital in Vancouver, and we gather or create resources for children with serious health issues to allow them to be better advocates for themselves.

    The only reason I keep myself busy is because I get bored fast, but usually at the peak of my race season, I'll be craving some down time.

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    Using Time

    Yeah, Pat. Saw an example of your beautiful wood work. You should turn pro.

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    All of the above and that's a good start, not including my SCI challenges and moving to a new place as I type. etc etc.. "Never an empty plate."


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    I work full time and fish anytime I get some free time. I wish it was the other way around...

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    I work part time ... 21 hours a week.

    Welcome to the party pal!
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    Work three to four days a week and taking a course (CFP) one night a week (14 mos.). My volunteer time is two nights (2-3 hrs) a month at Craig hospital talking to newly injured patients and their families.

    Recreation time with my wife, friends and my dog include travel, sporting events, working out, dining out, dinner parties, parks, etc.

    Just as busy as pre-sci except that I don't travel as much for work anymore.

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    i'm retired.....i only work around 75 days a year now, got the rest to ride my hog and mess with computers or paint for myself for a change.........i'm an artist...........

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