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Thread: Earthquake - Shake, rattle, and roll

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    Earthquake - Shake, rattle, and roll

    The epicenter of the quake in california is only 25 miles away from me.
    It knocked over a lot of our racks (computer hardrives, RAID arrays, etc.).
    They sent us home when we got the first aftershock.

    I got home, and my own computer tower was over on its side. My monitor was scooched over about 10 inches. Knick Knacks were on the floor, etc.

    When it hit, my first thought was the "high" terror alert, and that they'd blew up something near my work...which is defense related and near an AFB where many missiles are launched.

    But when the rolling, undulating waves came after the first hard jolts, I knew it was a quake. Everybody was stumbling around like they were drunk, and so was I, in my chair...I don't have good balance as it is, lol. I hope nobody was hurt.

    Anybody else impacted by this quake?


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    I hope all of our California members are okay - there hasn't been much news other than general reports.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Boy do I NOT miss those rollers. I high tailed it out of CA after the earthquake in 1989 during the world series. It is impressive looking to watch glass bow but not break.

    RDF, was it Southern CA? I will have to catch a news center. What was it on the Richter scale? After to 7.0 in S.F. anything under a 6 is a nuisance. I laugh when 3.5 make the news out here.

    Be safe and choose your doorway well. Anyothers with reports?

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    3 are dead in Paso Robles, a town north of the epicenter. Some historic downtown buildings collapsed...they don't know if the three dead were in the buildings, in cars that were parked and crushed, or passersby.

    It was 6.5 on the richter scale, and it hit hard...I've been through lots of quakes, and this is the hardest I've felt since the '89 quake in SF during the World Series.

    This one was worse, here on the central coast, anyway. I've felt 3 small aftershocks already since they sent us home from gives you a nauseaus feeling in your stomach when you start to sway in your chair, you feel like you're dizzy or ready to pass's disorienting to say the least.

    I hope no more people are killed or's just a shock from nowhere, and must be a terrrible way to die.

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    We felt it in the LA area too. I hope our Central Coast members are all safe. It appears to have been centered about 7 miles north of San Simeon, but no apparent damage yet at Hearst Castle. A sad holiday for those families of the 3 killed (so far known) in Paso Robles.

    Here is more information, as well as a location to record your own observations (if you felt it):


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    Because it is a logarithmic scale, a Richter 7.0 is 10 times worse than a 6.0 and so a 6.0 should feel like a flea bite to an elephant's rump compared to a hard slap at 7.0. An 8.0 is another matter, more like a charge of a rhinoceros.

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    RDF: I am glad that you are OK, and there was no serious or real damage to your home. I am living in LA County on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and I did not feel the quake. My friend Betty was at the morning showing of Lord of the Rings at the theatre complex in Palos Verdes, at the top of the hill, and during a particularly violent battle scene she felt her chair vibrate for several seconds, and thought it must have been a quake. However, her husband and grandson didn't feel it at all, and they were sitting right next to her!


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